I am so happy to have successfully chased down and restored one of the last Giant Mobile Boomboxes left in the world!

They were very popular in the 1980s with radio stations; however, many of them were crushed or neglected and left in an irreparable state. 

I chased this one down and here's the running list of everything I've done since its acquisition: 

• the paint has been buffed back to a shine

• the decals and broken window have been replaced

• a flat panel TV has been installed behind the window so I can play music videos

• brand new LED lighting was installed

• the correct hitch and new jacks were installed

• brand new carpeting to freshen up the inside

• a new permanent DJ booth was custom built

• sound system and microphone are installed

• the interior has been reupholstered

Basically, this thing is one-of-a-kind and finally ready to party again! It is absolutely perfect for outdoor events: car shows, parades, parties, graduations, wedding me to find out what it can do for you.